Aircraft Observer Flights

Let’s face it, what other restaurant can you go to and hop in an airplane for a ride you will never forget? Skydiving aviation is a very different kind of flying than you’ve experienced before. It’s a fast climb to altitude followed by an aggressive dive and a high speed descent. Oh, did we mention that about 4,000lbs of payload gets pushed out along the way? Learn more about it here. As a courtesy to all of our general aviation pilots out there, bring your headset and come along for a complimentary ride-along. *A waiver must be signed by all participants. Fill it out in advance to avoid any delay on-site – **If you have any head congestion or sinus issues, this ride is not for you!

So… what your thinking about getting?

Breakfast, American fare & cocktails served in a casual eatery within an airport sky-diving venue.